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...:::scorpio:::... +Moanica Vencel info
Name: Moanica Vencel
Age: 1200 years
Date of birth: 30.10
Zodiac sign. 
Sun: Scorpio 
Moon: Gemini 
Mercury: Sagittarius 
Venus: Sagittarius 
Mars: Capricorn
Jupiter: Virgo 
Saturn: Virgo 
Uranus: Pisces 
Neptune: Leo 
Pluto: Cancer 
Race: Ghost
Place of residence: Germany, near Munich

~ B I O G R A P H Y~

Born in Munich, the daughter of a wealthy judge, who was ruling "unfair court" and was collecting fragments of deadly sins. From infancy people was scared because of her black eyes, people have been thinking that she is a demon. The girl was beloved only by mother, who died because of illness in the fifth year of Moanica's life.
In the future Vencel will say that she never had 
the mother, because after mom's death Moanica found a mother's diary where was described the fear of her own daughter, and a full set of exorcism salt, Holy water, etc. 
Moanica was full of kindness in her childhood. Until adolescence she was friend only with children of the street, which, if not feared her, despised and mocked of Moanica, because she was the only secured among them, they hated her according to the principle "In our country, the well-fed to be ashamed." 
Monica endured it, because no one put attention on her: but the last drop in the cup was that children began cutting her long, beautiful hair for fun. And next time, when she felt cold because the point of the scissors touched her head, she turned and drove the scissors into the eye of the offender. The other kids pounced on her and began to beat. The next day in one of the cheap Newspapers, which are distributing by one cent in the United States, the main title was"IN ONE of the CORNERS they FOUND the BODIES of EIGHT CHILDREN, ALLEGEDLY KILLED by a MANIAC AND RAPED BEFORE DEATH." Moanica was interviewed by police as someone who was closely associated with them.
It was the reason for the failure of her former character. She began to devote more time to spiritual power and development, ruffles and bows in their outfits, she was replaced by tight belts and chains, overhead horns, the flowers and the cylinder began the final part of her image. The pants and skirts she was considered a manifestation of unnecessary luxury. For some years she has absorbed thousands of books from the rich library of his father. At one time she was persuaded to take the veil and join a convent, just for the sake of education, though she didn't believe in God.
Two years later, she begged her father to send her to College. She thought that a new life will begin, that everything will be OK now, but she was also shunned, people were laughing at her clothes and calling her "Cucu la praline".
On one of the closed conferences, where she was taken because of her petition, her gaze stumbles upon a girl dressed in pastel colors, with eye patch, where behind you could see the eyes of a different color. Her focused and smart look attracted Vencel. This same girl comes to the Moanica's institute a month later. Her name was Ka Mg. In some way, first Mg seems off, strange, and reckless, but this only further piques the interest.
And Moanica fell in love with Ka.
Then, Vencel's father seduced Mg. Moanica by the power of anger killed them, but... She still feels despair because of that.

She begins to hear the voice of the Ka, always talking something soft and soothing, to feel the phantom hugs and rare kisses on the forehead. She then begins truly to live in fear, repeating the actions of his mother. Her brilliant mind slowly began to decay and rot. Vencel have developed schizophrenia. She ends their "miserable life" in the river.
At the trial in Paradise, it was decided that she will sink into oblivion. But Mao, one of the godness students, comes in with , believing that "this offended a girl can't be that bad." Moanica becomes a student and learns how to build a fabric of worlds, to create them. In the end, she begins to claim the title of one of the goddesses, the creators of worlds, then Ka decides to prevent this and turns Vencel into a ghost. Mao had to leave it because of disagreement with the saints, but as an apology it creates a new, small world especially for Moanica, which was to become her idyll but a place of exile at the same time. Vencel, angry at everything and everyone, goes there voluntarily and locks herself in the this world's cage. Then she creates Aya, "the perfect student and her mate" in her opinion. Together, they begin to conduct experiments, infuriating Ka.
Even if they are talking that they are lovers, they are just best friends.

...::: Picture Info :::...

Pose by Alice-Hato
Model by me
Stage: none
Render: MMD



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